Living a Self-Sufficient lifestyle is the ultimate aim of almost everyone. We all should start living independently if we really want a good life ahead.

We all want to be independent in our life in terms of everything but we hardly know the way through which we can make us self sufficient. But there are lots of ways through which we can start living a self-sufficient lifestyle. We all have to find ways to start living self sufficiently.

Here are the 6 ways which might help you when you think of living self sufficiently:

  • Make your house all eco friendly
  • Make your house you’er earning partner
  • Control your expenses
  • start valueing small thing
  • live simple but healthy
  • become a boss not Employee

Make your House all Eco Friendly:

The very first step for living self sufficiently is to make your house ecofriendly as much as possible. By Eco friendly I mean that the house should be running on its own without any outside help. The house must have solar panel so that it can be energy sufficient. It must have an organic garden and rain harvesting system to be food and water sufficient. Breeding cow or poultry farming is also a good option to make your home food sufficient. Homesteading is now a new option in the life of people to make their life more affordable and healthy.

Make your House you’er Earning Partner:

It is always good to having a partner which could support you economically; well it’s not necessary that that partner should be your husband or wife. Your house can too support you financially by your little support and investment. A small investment can give you a long term benefits in future.  You can earn money by selling food you have grown into your organic garden; you can share your electricity and get some money for it and so on.

ways to living self sufficiently

living self sufficiently

Control Your Expenses:

Firstly, we all have to admit that money is not everything. You have to learn to control your expenses. You will become rich if you control your wants. More wants means more expenses. If we control our expenses than we will definitely able to live our life comfortably within our home. Our sustainable home will be able to provide us everything we required to live.

Start valuing small thing:

It’s good to update yourself with the ever changing world, but sometime living with old values is good for us. Small thing can give us lots of satisfaction. It is not always necessary to run towards luxury and showoff, sacrificing your own health. In short, what I am trying to say is that living with few things is good actually

Live Simple but Healthy Lifestyle:

Don’t run towards luxury it will cause much harm than good. Start believing in small living and high thinking. Growing your own crop or Cow breeding is not just the work of farmers, you all can do this too to make your life much simpler and healthier.

Become a boss of your own not Employee:

If you start following the above mentioned point into your life then you will automatically become your boss and you don’t have to worry about anything else. You will not only able to save your money but you will get a life time earning source.


In the conclusion, I only want to say that everyone when they get old, they all want to settle in a place which are near to nature, where they can get fresh air to breath, clean water to drink and nice food to eat that it, no one want to live in a big house fill with luxury than why to run behind this now, leave it all and start living self sufficiently.

I would like to say that these are just an idea about how we can start living a self sufficient lifestyle. This ideas can be modified and implement according to need. We just need to focus and believe that we can too live a self sufficient lifestyle happily.