Are you self-sufficient? If yes then well, if not then think why not?

Self-sufficient is not just a word anymore, this pandemic (COVID-19) is taught us a lesson of a lifetime. Being self-Reliant is very important if we really want to live a stress-free life. In these last few months, I have realized one thing that being self-sufficient is very important in all ways. If we are not self-sufficient then we are not really human.

Who Can Call Themselves As Self-Sufficient Me?

Anyone who grows their own food, do activities like farming, homesteading, chicken breading and believe in conserving water n energy can call themselves as self-sufficient me.  A self-sufficient me People is someone who already prepares themselves for a situation like (Covid-19) when getting food is a big problem.

A self-sufficient me

When Do We Can Say That We Are Self-Independent?

Many people have already realized the importance of a Self-Reliant lifestyle and that is the reason many people are really indulging themselves in this lifestyle. More and more people from all over the world are involving themselves inactivity like homesteading, farming, water conservation, etc. 

In India, most of the population living in a homeless than one acre but, this thing also doesn’t stop them from being self-efficient. Many of them start organic farming and even start making a home suitable for all kinds of weather.

Many smart people are turning their old vehicle, unused vehicles into a home on the wheel. This home is not only beautiful and interesting, infect its very efficient. We can only call over selves independent only when we are efficient in undermentioned ways:

•    Grow their own food

•    Believe in conserving water and energy

•    Do activity like homesteading, chicken breading, etc

•    Take care of their health by doing yoga or meditation

•    Live a healthy life

•    Simple living and high thinking should be a motive of a self-independent person.

•    Stay away from any kind of bad habits

What Are the Example of Self-Sufficient Me?

Earlier before (COVID-19) no one used to think about the self-sufficient lifestyle as we used to get everything very easily. But now the situation is very different, we are very much depending on online services for fulfilling our needs. What if this service provider stops its services? What will we do?.

How we going to provide food to our family, milk to our baby, etc.  Being self-Reliant is one of the most amazing ways to get rid of this problem. This measure is a long term also. There are many people now who were already making themselves self-efficient so that they can call themselves self-sufficient. For example

Recently I heard the news that one of the families in Pune (India) has constructed an eco-friendly home for themselves. In this home, they don’t need electricity. They have their own kitchen garden in which they d farming without soil. They grow enough food for themselves so they don’t need to buy anything from outside. In this garden, they grow spices as well. They also conserve rainwater. Is it great?

There are many such families now who were opting for this kind of lifestyle in almost all over the world. This thing really makes me happy and satisfied with my soul.

What We Have, What We had, It’s not the time to think, live the moment now in a way which you can remember all your life.