About This Blog

How This Site Help You Do This Very Thing We All Always Want To Do?

If you all ask any of this question to yourself then you are in the right place

  • What is the meaning of Self -sufficient?
  • How can we live a self- sufficient lifestyle?
  • What are the ways to be self -sufficient?
  • What benefits you all can get to become a self- sufficient?


Here Are some of the things I am doing to make my life more self sufficient and independent.

Through This site I am just trying to convence everyone that it is really important to be self- sufficient in life.

Know Me

Hello friends. I am a working woman, a Housewife, a Mother. I love this earth, I love mother nature and I love my Son whom I want to give a healthy Life and a Positive environment and For this Self Sufficient Is the best way. What is better than to teach your loved one how to become self-sufficient in life so that they can live their life without any worries.

Why I choose This Topic?

I am a nature lover and from my childhood itself, I was always worried about what will happen If the farmer for any reason stop growing crops or there is no electricity supply in our home, What will we all do than. Back then I don’t have that much knowledge or space to do that but now I know how I can make myself free from all this worry and that is the reason I start Implementing this theory into my life and want others too to follow this.

Left or right, I want to shine, bright as a star, sparkling as glitter, No more dependency, no more worry, I want to Live wright