At the time of our ancestors, there was no electricity nor do they know about something like this. They were happy with the fire. The fire was everything for them at that time. But in this modern world, no one can imagine their life without electricity. We need electricity almost everywhere, everything. The demand for electricity is increasing day by day but supply is less due to excessive use of non-renewable resources. learning how to become energy sufficient is the demand of the present.

How To Become Energy Self Sufficient?

A few years back we cannot even imagine in our dream that we can ever be energy sufficient as we were highly dependent on power supply companies for our day to day energy needs. It was on them when to give us power and when not.

In many parts of India still, there are places that still don’t have any electricity.  It is good if we won’t have to depend on them.  We will be much happier if we generate our electricity on our own. We don’t have to answer anyone nor have we to pay a hefty amount for the consumption of power.

In this post, I am going to give some of the measures we could use to make our home energy sufficient.

Here Are The List

  • Wind Energy
  • Solar Energy
  1. Wind Energy: Thanks to changing technology and revolution in this field it is possible to generate power through wind energy for residence. This practice can be done using the principles of Induction. For home, it is not important to install a huge wind turbine to get a decent amount of power. Smaller wind turbines are also adequate to do so. These Turbines are designed in such a way that they don’t need to big still they are capable to produce enough electricity for your home.

Pros and Cons of Wind Energy:


  • Wind Energy is a renewable source of energy
  • It won’t harm the environment
  • The potential of wind power is great
  • Wind turbines are very spacious
  • As more and more firm is into this business now, the price of wind turbines is decreasing day by day
  • Wind Turbines prove very energy saving for residential and it also protects the homeowner from any power outages.


  • As the wind is free, its direction is not fixed. Its require some external support to run properly such as batteries or pumped hydro
  • It is proven that wind turbine creates a problem for wildlife, especially birds.
  • Disturbing noise is also a problem.
  • It requires lots of maintenance

  • Solar Power: As the name suggests solar power is the power that is generated from the sun. Sun is the ultimate source of energy and it’s renewable.  To produce solar energy a solar photovoltaic panel has been created by the scientist. This panel is generally setup into some open area or rooftop of a house or building or road to convert sunlight into electricity. With the help of this solar panel, we can easily light up our house and can do other things also.

Pros and Cons of solar energy:


  • Solar energy is a natural way of producing energy
  • It is available in abundant
  • It is a renewable source of energy
  • Very sustainable
  • Solar energy is environment-friendly
  • At first, it requires some investment but after some time it will reduce your electricity cost for sure
  • Solar Energy can be used for multiple tasking
  • The procedure of producing solar energy is not noisy
  • It requires very low maintenance


  • At first, we have to spend a huge amount for installing solar panel that’s mean it is quite expensive
  • Energy storage is expensive
  • Its required lots of space


In conclusion, I would like to say that though this both power generating system is not perfect they are not bad either. Everything in this world is imperfect. We should see a good point and try to avoid the bad. Our mother nature is suffering and being energy self-sufficient in this way will really make her lifelong. We should think about this.