How To Become Emotionally Self-Sufficient?

Emotion is one of those things which can’t be controlled. It flows like a river and stayed like a rock which cannot be move. Our emotion plays a very important role in our life, especially in the life of women. Both men and women are equally emotion but we women are good to manage our emotions. Being emotionally self-sufficient is important.

We take lots of our decision emotionally which is not right actually. Controlling our emotions is very important to take command of our life in our own hands, but is this really easy to control our emotions. Someway it is yes. Here in this article, I will tell you some of the ways through which we can control our emotions somewhat.

Maybe I am not useful to God as I am Self-Sufficient, but I know I am very important for myself

These ways really help me a lot that is the reason I am writing this article today on how to become emotionally Self-Sufficient.

Why Bing Emotionally Self-Sufficient is important?

The worst part of being an emotional person is that when you can’t share your emotions. We fill more emotional when we missing someone and that someone is sitting next to them, knowing they will never be with you. We want to express our emotion to that someone but we can’t. It’s really hurt a lot, we can’t concentrate, can’t eat, spend the sleepless night but we as an emotional person keep this entire thing within us. Being emotionally self-sufficient is important for us to keep ourselves happy.

Emotionally self Sufficient
Being emotionally self-sufficient

The better you can deal with your emotions, the more positive moments you can extract from even the worst of situations.

What Are The Ways Through Which We Can Control Our Emotion?

Different people, the psychologist will suggest a different-different way of controlling your emotion but as an emotional person myself. I did the below-mentioned thing to control my emotions.

Accept Your Emotion:

The most difficult thing for an emotional person is to accept their emotion. An emotionally self-sufficient person should accept their emotion first. When we feel sad, everyone told us to be positive, keep smiling but doing this thing is really hard. If we accept our emotion then we will become comfortable with it and start leaving with it rather than giving up.

Listening To Music:

Whenever you feel low start listening to music. The music should not be that old sad song, do the opposite, listen to those songs which you generally not listen to when you are happy. Doing the opposite thing will do wonder for you.

Meditation to be Emotionally Self Sufficient
Do meditation to overcome your emotion


Doing meditation is also a very good way to control your emotions. Meditation can be of any kind. Choose one of the most peaceful sport at your home, or any other place, just sit there. You don’t act. You don’t think. At least, you’re not trying to. Take a few seconds of your life to pause it and make yourself believe that there is nothing bad in this world, everything which happens to you is happening for good.

Keep yourself busy:

keeping yourself busy is very important when you emotionally low. Cooking your favorite dish will make you and your family happy. You can do some painting or make some DIY also to keep yourself busy. In the end, this thing will give you something.

Why We Should Be Emotionally Self-Sufficient?

We human beings are very emotional by nature. Some person is so much emotion that they forget about everything and keep flow with their emotion. Some people are so emotional that they become depressed and do some stupid things which they should not do. If people are self-sufficient in controlling their emotion they can change their life for good.


As an emotional person by myself, I only want to say that being emotionally self-sufficient is really important. Emotion can make you, emotion can kill you. Being emotional is not bad but doing bad things in the pressure of your emotion is bad.