Everything in this world is not perfect.  No matter whether that thing is natural or created by a human being is always imperfect. Everything has its own pros and cons. Self Sufficient to have its own pros and cons. Self-sufficient give one confidence to leave their life on their own t terms while on the other hand, a self-sufficient person has to learn to live their life with limited things.

Question That Generally Came Into Our Mind When We Think About Self Sufficient?

  • Is There Any Harm In Being Self Sufficient?
  • How Can Anyone Grow Self Confidence And Self Esteem To Become Self- Sufficient?
  • What Are The Ways To Become Self Sufficient Economically?
  • Why We Should Go For This Lifestyle?

Is There Any Harm In Being Self Sufficient?

No. It is a great thing to be self-sufficient. The problem arises when self-sufficiency becomes arrogant. I think harm is being self-centered though one should be self-centered to a certain extent in today’s world where every other person thinks about the self, yes. (Now that’s another great debate for some other day, in short, No, Self Sufficiency does not cause harm but Self Centeredness might cause harm. We save money on food, we like to eat and drink and we spend lots of money on it. Whets the need to do that when we can easily grow food on our own.

How Can Anyone Grow Self Confidence And Self Esteem To Become Self- Sufficient?

We each have to walk our own path and not surprisingly most people struggle with self-esteem and self-confidence. It affects both men and women. It is hard to believe in yourself, especially when you are young or you are trying new things or tackling a new job or relationship. At the beginning of anything new, each person runs across some fear – fear of failure, fear of success, fear of looking silly or stupid.

Each person is wrapped up in him or herself. They usually don’t even notice the things you think are “stupid” or “embarrassing”.

It is a matter of building an attitude about yourself where you accept you where you are at the moment and agree to do your best to improve yourself every day in very small ways and small steps.

There are lots of books and podcasts on things like motivation, self-talk, being positive and happy. Set a concrete plan, put measurable goals in place and then write down daily to do’s that will move you steadily toward the outcome you want.

What Are The Ways To Become Self Sufficient Economically?

As I already said in my previous article that to become self-sufficient economically we have to cut out our expenses and have to change our way of living, our thinking. There is no harm in living a luxurious life but we should not make it our habit. We have to be open to all kinds of living styles than only we can control our expenses, our want.

Why We Should Go For This Lifestyle?

As we always heard in the news that in any part of the world food crisis is going on and many countries are even not sufficient to feed half of their population. People are forced to eat odd things such as mud cake and insects for their survival. If we know the art of self-sufficient living than we don’t have to worry about this entire problem as we will be able to feed ourselves.


  • Self sufficiency teach us to live with few things
  • This system is free for all
  • It won’t require much investment
  • It contribute towards environment
  • Help making any country or a person become independent


  • This system is not acceptable by everyone
  • Its require lots of effort and patience to live this lifestyle
  • Require investment at first
  • It limit the style of living
  • This lifestyle is not very comfortable


In the end, I only want to say that though the self-sufficient lifestyle is not perfect it is best for today’s changing environment. So we all should love this system and start living self sufficiently.