How Self-Sufficient Lifestyle Is A Good Way To Start Fighting Against Coronavirus And Any Other Future Pandemic?

We all need to be strong and determined ourselves to fight against this virus and should prepare our self for more such pandemic like corona virus. Self-Sufficient lifestyle is a great way to fight against Corona virus.

self-sufficient during corona virus
Self-Sufficient for Pandemic
  • God is great and so is his way of working. This is the time when we all should realize our duty towards nature and protect ourselves from future uncertainty. The outbreak of Corona virus has taught us a lot.  We are locked in our house; we were absolutely depending on online service or upon the local vendors for the supply of essentials such as food.
  • Corona virus teaches us that become a Self-Reliant is the need of the hour. Many families who were already living a self-sufficient lifestyle is living without any fear at this time as they have fresh food to eat, good water to drink and have the power to use for their daily need.
  • Self-Sufficient families don’t need to think before buying vegetables from the local vegetable sellers as they don’t need to buy anymore. Essential food items can easily be grown in their Kitchen Garden. Many families not only in India even all over the world start living a self-sufficient lifestyle for the betterment of their family.

Lesson Given By Covid-19 to people is to become Self-Sufficient:

  • The biggest lesson that we need to learn from Coronavirus is that we can’t help the earth as Mother Nature is itself eligible to help herself by teaching us a small lesson, by wiping us out via various means. It can be a pandemic, it can be any natural disaster, and it can be anything.
  • Most of the coronavirus cases are in the urban area why? We need to think that
  • People in the rural area grow their own food and always maintain social distancing unlike people in urban areas.
  • Everyone cries for a self-sufficient lifestyle but no one dares to follow one
  • We have to become self-sufficient so that we can face a situation like this
  •   In ancient times people were very much self-sufficient and now this is time we all should seriously learn from them.

1.      Why Corona virus can work as an Incentive for Self-Sufficient Lifestyle supporters?


It’s been a long time since many social activists and environmentalists were favoring self- sufficient lifestyle. But there was hardly anyone who was really following them. After this Pandemic, I am sure most of the country will become serious about this. Many of them have already started following this lifestyle such as:

Like a few days ago news comes into the limelight that how a couple has turned their home into a self-sufficient home by making some minor changes into their lifestyle after the corona virus pandemic:

  • A couple in New Mexico named Zac and Katie Ruiz has been living in a 300-square-foot tent with their two children since 2017 and they have turned their home in a self-sufficient home.
  • They grow their own food, they breed chicken also.
  • Many families in Mumbai, India have turned their balcony into their small kitchen Garden to grow fresh food for themselves.


2.      Why Leaving A Self-Sufficient Lifestyle is become a necessity?

Living a Self-Sufficient lifestyle is a necessity now to save ourselves from future pandemic like corona virus. Earth is eligible to heal itself but we are not that lucky. We just need to do some precaution as a precaution is better than cure. If we want to protect our future generation from the problem we are currently facing then we have to give them a healthy lifestyle.

  •  Self-sufficient lifestyle makes us eligible to live independently. More independence means less dependency.
  • We can grow our own food. Growing your own food means pesticide-free healthy food.
  • We don’t have to worry about the situation like this for food as we can grow on our own.
  • Maintain a social distance will become easier


Last but not the least, I want to say that every negative situation always gifts us something positive at the last. It just depends on you how you gonna handles this situation. The whole world is in great sock nowadays but in this situation also some people are trying to do something good. We should learn from them and start living a self-sufficient lifestyle to make us and our mother nature happy once again.

Don’t learn to correct your mistake until you become assure that you are no more eligible to learn from your mistake