Self Sufficient Lifestyle- Living out of Grid In a country, city or in a village

Definition of Self Sufficient: Self-sufficient lifestyle is a system that helps you to become independent especially in food. This system makes us independent and self-confidence which make us free from taking any outside help. Self Sufficient Lifestyle makes us food sufficient, energy sufficient and in many other ways.

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A self-sufficient lifestyle is nothing but a dream we all should make true.

Let’s Build a beautiful Self Sufficient Lifestyle for yourself:

Possibility for Urban People

Though It is quite easier to live a self-sustain life in rural areas but don’t be dishearted. Nowadays, Thanks to our modern technology and new living style it is quite easier to do lots of thing in little space. For Example, if you are living in a two BHK flat, You will still get one balcony. You can use this balcony to plant some organic food in a small pot or barrel.

If you are living in a bungalow than obviously, you will have many advantages to living a self-sufficient lifestyle. You will have enough space to plant your own organic Garden, Poultryfarming, You can easily install a solar panel at your home rooftop to become energy sufficient.

Points To remember Before starting a Self Sufficiency Mission:

  • Scan Your Neighbourhood
  • Take Good Precautions
  • Always Follow the rule
  • Dont be oversmart

Scan Your Neighbourhood: It is always good to know your neighbour. We are free to do anything in our home but we should also take care that people around us are not suffering due to any work we are doing.

Take Good Precautions: Installing solar panel at our  home is good to be energy sufficiient but we should follow all the precaution and guidelines before installing it into our home. Little mistake can cause us serious damage.Self Sufficient

Always Follow the Rule: We are living in a society, and we are a social animal. We are bounded by certain thing which we can’t ignore. Following rule and regulation is very essential to continue any work without disturbance.

Don’t Be Oversmart: Don’t just jump to do anything in your own. First get good knowledge of what you are going to do, do proper Research work and than go for it, otherwise the task you want to do won’t give you much success.

How to become Self Sufficient in Food”?

We can make us Self Sufficient in food if we apply this little things:

  • Start growing food crops in large barrel or port. Crop such as Bottle Gourd, Bitter Gourd,Pumpkin,tomato can grow in very less space.
  • Start poultry farming, it require some space.
  • Install a Backyard Fish Farm
  • You can also start cow farming if possible. A cow can be very useful for your home.


Start searching for people who are doing the same thing, inspire them and take inspiration from them. It is always good if you have same nieche people around you. They will not only understand you infact they will help you in your work. Establishing  a friendship network with the people alike will make you more confident and also help you to increase your efficiency.