Self Sufficient living is the ability to live without any outside help. When we start to produce almost everything with the help of nature and stop depending on the outside world for any kind of support it is said to live a self-sufficient living, whereas Self Sustainable home is the home that can provide its owner with all the essential things such as food, water, and electricity on its own. Self -Sufficient Living-Sustainable Home are both interrelated.

Self-sufficient living-sustainable home is the new trend of living

self-sufficiency is the demand for the future and we all should work for it

How can we create a self Sufficient Home for Ourselves?

Self Sufficient living is the new reality we should accept. Any home which is eligible to give everything to its homeowner without depending on climate, government or any other factor. For Instance, a home that is self-sufficient in generating food, power and even water for its owner 24/7 is called a self-sufficient home.

We can also get a self – sufficient home with just a little effort:

  • start organic farming in your house rooftops, plant trees in a big barrel or small shrubs into pots. This thing will not only make you less dependent on others for food even it will help you to save money. Homegrown food is also free of pesticides which are good for our health.
  • Stop relying on the power supply company for electricity supply at your home. Install solar panels on your rooftops. It will cost you in the starting but after some time power will be free for you. You don’t have to bother about your electricity bill.
  • Rain Harvesting- Start collecting rainwater through rain harvesting and make yourself water sufficient. There is already a vast shortage is recorded in almost all part of the world. Rain harvesting will not only protect you from this kind of water scarcity, in fact, but you will also be able to help others in the time of need.
  • In conclusion, The only thing I want to say that nothing is impossible if we are determined.


In conclusion, I would like to say that don’t wait for your retirement time for doing farming or living near nature, start doing it now. It is a great idea to start a self-sufficient living as it will make you sufficient in food and money too.