Self Sufficient Meaning In various other languages– FOR EXAMPLE

Region language Meaning
Russia Russian самодостаточный (samodostatochnyy)  
China Chinese
Spain Spanish
Bengal( India) Bengali
স্বয়ংসম্পূর্ণ (Sbaẏansampūrṇa}  
Arab Arabic muktafiat dhatiaan  

What does self-sufficient mean in the economy?

Monetary independence is the capacity of people and families to keep up adequate pay to reliably meet their essential needs – including nourishment, lodging, utilities, social insurance, transportation, charges, subordinate consideration, and dressing – with no or insignificant budgetary help or sponsorships from private or open associations.

Self Sufficient is very important to grow any country economically, but If people of every country become self-sufficient than they will be able to sustain every situation.

  • Becoming Self-sufficient will help you establish a sustainable life as well as live in an environment that is productive and healthy.
  • Learning how to be self-sufficient is not just for yourself but for the well-being of your entire family
  • Being Self sufficient means you trust yourself and know enough to make your own life decisions.


In conclusion, I would like to say that though Self sufficient is pronounced differently in every country. But the aim and purpose of this system are the same for all. To summarize, self-sufficient is required for everything one.