Urban Lifestyle v/s Rural

What is the difference between urban lifestyle and rural lifestyle?

The lifestyle we live in city, surrounded with mountain of concrete everywhere dust, fast life, no time for health and people is called urban lifestyle on the other hand rural area said to be lifestyle near to nature, lack of luxury and basic facility but little hope for fresh air and food is said to be rural lifestyle.

Urban lifestyle v/s Rural

We definitely think once in our life that to lived in a place where there were lots of green plants and the sounds of birds, the smell of flowers, but very few people had the luck to experience this life. In rural life, we find something similar to it, but people are not happy there, a person of their place attracts towards life in the metro. 

Rural life is much more natural than urban life, in spite of this, people over there ready to leave that life and want to settle in urban areas. Only due to human nature or is there some other reason. We can make our life more natural whether it is in the city or villager. Due to the lack of some amenities in rural┬áLife, it is difficult to live there, On the other hand in the urban area, all the high profile facilities are available in spite of this the atmosphere of the place has become impure. if we want to improve our lives, then we have to make some changes in our lifestyle. What’s the need to compare Urban Lifestyle V/S Rural when together we can make this whole world beautiful.

How to live a healthy lifestyle?

Though urban areas are full of opportunities and comfort still it carries lots of impurities with it. Every season bring lots of illness and germs with it. So it is very much important to take good care of our health to live a healthy lifestyle.

  • Waking early in the morning will not only keep you ahead of time infect fresh air will keep you healthy all day.
  • Drink two glass of warm water the moment you leave your bed
  • Head to washroom take a bath
  • Do your morning prayers obviously if you believe in spirituality.
  • Eat a healthy breakfast; your first food in the morning plays a very important role in your health building
  • It is always better to include green veggies and fruit into your supper or dinner
  • Grow veggies and fruit in your own organic garden will make you healthy as well as food sufficient.
  • Finish your dinner till 7 pm
  • Go for an evening walk with your loved one
  • Try to sleep till 10 pm
  • Always smile and keep yourself tension free
  • Take a small break from your work and go on a vacation at list once a year.

Life in Rural Area

It is generally in our mindset that the rural area belongs to farmers or to those who are poor, but it is not true. Rural area means the area full of nature, greenery, Animals and fresh food. It is really difficult to live in some of the rural areas but with little effort and support the life over there can be made very beautiful and easy as most of the people over there already know how to live self sufficiently.

  •  Educate them about the importance of being self-sufficient.
  • Support them both economically and physically
  • Government support is also necessary


If we do all of the above-mentioned points in both rural areas and urban areas than I m sure there will be no difference between these areas and the whole world will be equally good to live a self-sustaining lifestyle.